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This web site contains, hopefully, some interesting stuff on my electronic music and my unique equipment designs.  

Over the years I have both gigged and recorded  with this home designed and built equipment. It has greatly helped me create my own brand of electronic music. I’ve composed and recorded 15 albums, some of which have been released  by independent labels on  cassette and vinyl. They are now all available on my own label as CDs or  high quality FLAC & MP3 downloads.


In the eighties I pioneered the simple physical modelling of several musical instruments, not with a big mainframe digital computer but  using my unique extended analogue synthesiser. For comparison, I’ve recreated the models digitally in Native Instruments Reaktor. Details and many sound clips of both versions can be found in the acoustic modelling section on the above nav bar.

Out of Control” was an electronic duo I jointly formed nearly 40 years ago. I believe it was the first UK electronic band to use a microcomputer live as a third member. Today computers aid live performances everywhere in many many ways. OOC story here.


I hope you find something of interest here musically, technically or even historically.


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A web site promoting the unique electronic music of Ron Berry; an English musician who builds and designs his own synthesisers and recording equipment.

Tape Leaders is a new book authored by Ian Helliwell. It is a compendium of early British tape music composers. Containing a wealth of information, it covers the period  from  the start of tape recording to around 1970. It is an impressive and thoroughly well researched book containing  sections on so many early tape composers, both famous and obscure. Also featured are many really interesting rare photos from  the period.  It is highly recommended and can be purchased from “Sound on Sound Magazine” here.
VOD Records have released a superbly presented 8 LP boxed set collection of British Synthesiser artists on Vinyl, which I’m very pleased to say, includes my first album “Where Dark Forces Meet”. The huge boxed set of 8 12” vinyl records is presented in a set of nicely matching sleeves. I can say without hesitation, truly is a lovely thing to  own. This is the first time my first album  has been made available in Vinyl. It can be purchase separately if desired. The boxed set is called “British Cassette Culture Recordings 1975-1985”. Follow the link to VOD Records for info.
Cherry Red Records  have now released beautiful 4 CD compilation of formative uk electronica 1975- 1984 called “Close to the Noise Floor.......... 60 groups and artists have each contributed a track (including one from me) to this hugely impressive collection of electronic music. Not only this but the whole compilation is beautifully package in the form of a CD sized hard-backed book. Inside, accompanying the CDs, there is a complete written section on each artist and a collection of related photos and images.  
Info from Cherry Red on this album can be found on their Facebook page...  . Their website can be found at...