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FLAC or MP3?: Sound quality...
As for the choice of  FLAC loss-less compression and MP3 (320Kbit/s), FLAC  recreates a exact copy of the master 24bit audio file so this is the best studio-quality I can offer. However, even though the MP3 320Kbit/s files are only about 1/6 of the original file size, all that’s missing is the very rich fine detail; a little a bit like normal TV versus HD or a 35mm photo versus a large format one. Generally from consumer high-street sound systems, the average set of computer speakers or cheap ear plugs the reproduction will most likely sound the same from either format. FLAC really needs well-placed and spaced  top-notch full-range speakers in room of good acoustic to reproduce it fully. FLAC is great for Pros and wealthy audiophiles enjoying amazing sound environments but most are not as fortunate. This is why this secure page presents  2 sets of  files to choose from.

FLAC zip files :-

1).   “A Voice in the Wilderness - Part 1”    115Mbyte
2).   “A Voice in the Wilderness - Part 2”    86Mbyte

MP3 zip files  :-

1).   “A Voice in the Wilderness - Part 1”    56Mbyte
2).   “A Voice in the Wilderness - Part 2”    47Mbyte
Download FLAC,   MP3 (320Kbit/sec)  or both versions from this secure page,...

Why ZIP format?
This is mainly to prevent browsers and media players playing the file. Download them to a folder of your choice and double click”  to open them. Windows XP onwards and any Mac OSX will do this as standard. They can then be extracted by selecting the extract option. The terms and conditions are included with each ZIP bundle. Unless you are running a very old operating system or want to download to a  tablet computer, you shouldn’t need a third party application. “winzip” or “stuffit” to do this though and are free. If your browser’s log in box has something like a “remember my credentials” or “save password”, tick it as some browsers that don’t have this may ask you for pass codes for each file downloaded. This may save you much typing.
High Resolution images of CD covers  :-