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About the Music...
The  tracks on this album sound mostly like electronic-synthesisers. Much use of mechanical sequencer rhythms is made for general background rhythmic material supporting the melodies, solos and improvisations. I’ve tried to exploit the wide variety of sounds that a range from vintage hardware to ultra-modern software synthesisers for the foreground instruments as well as all the background sounds. However, this time ‘vintage’ or not most sounds here are actually produced from purely software synthesisers. This is the first album I’ve produced that uses nearly all digital software based instruments. It has been an interesting experiment.

As various ideas for the album came together, in a scientific book I was reading  the subject of “Entropy” was discussed. It explained that with time the Universe gets more complicated and chaotic. They call this “the arrow of time”. With Newtonian physics, however, his formulas work no matter if time goes forward or backwards. Yet as far as we know time can’t go backwards. So  something needs to be attended to, hence the introduction of the science of Entropy and the “arrow of time”. I just thought the word somehow fitted in a odd kind of way to what I was experiencing with the music but in reverse. I was trying to organise something simple and harmonious from mainly chaotic starting ideas! Musical instruments too use resonance to create harmony out of chaos,which actually made reading the book more confusing at the time. The music I felt being entirely electronic also did have a slight feel of science about it so I stuck with the entropy science/astronomy theme.
Technical stuff...
This album was recorded on computer using, as stated, mostly software instruments running on the same or a different computer or computers networked together. Software instruments are notoriously CPU demanding so networking shares the load over my ageing computers. The album definitely sounds very digital to me which was partly the aim. Regarding these purely software based instruments I used in “Entropy”? Well I’m still learning but the sound is definitely very varied with some products sounding much better than others to my ears. I’ve tried to use the better sounding ones! There are so many out there and they do open up so many new possibilities but, I feel, it’s early days yet for their development.     
CD012 Tracks :-

1).   “Solar flare”
2).   “White Dwarf”
3).   “Red Giant”
4).   “Into the Sun”
5).   “Encounter with Jupiter”
6).  “Wings of Saturn”
7).  “Voyager”
8).  “On the far side of the Galaxy
6min. 28sec.    
8min. 8sec.     
7min. 36sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
6min. 0sec.
5min. 30sec.  
8min. 46sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
8min. 13sec.    
8min. 22sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
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