A Voice in the Wilderness.
CD002  Tracks :-

1).  “A Voice in the Wilderness; part 1”
2).  “A Voice in the Wilderness; part 2”
23min. 48sec.     MP3 excerpt  (128Kbit/s)
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About the Music...
Technical stuff...
Synthesisers make possible new sound worlds to explore and this is what excites me. Mu next album “A Voice in the Wilderness”  was recorded over the last two months of 1982.  In this album I also wanted to explore long tracks for their extra development possibilities allowing different scenes and ideas to come and go in different ways. Short synth generated soundscapes are mixed with rhythmic sequencer/ melodic episodes. Overall I’ve tried to create a series of atmospheric scenes that just flow into one another. I ended up with  just 2 long tracks that fit nicely onto a standard cassette of the time, but it’s really just one piece of music with one concept. It was released on cassette on the popular “Mirage” label which was quite popular at the time. Below is the original art work by Kevin Raddy, who was free to interpret the music as he felt.
This was the first album to feature the micro-processor controlled polyphonic sequencer that I developed from the original one and was gigging with during the “Out of Control” phase. It’s described in the “synthesiser adventures” section of the site.  All the electronic music on the album was produced using this modular analogue synthesiser rig and a Godwin string synthesiser (also analogue). The recording was entirely analogue, using mainly a home designed and built 1/2” 4 track recorder based on a pro deck, aided by some extra stereo machines. See “recording adventures” section for details.
The CD production master is a direct copy from the master tape, using a stand alone CD recorder and a very high quality analogue to digital convertor system. This is the nearest I could get to retaining that vintage analogue sound on CD. The download is a straight copy from the production master files. The FLAC one is identical and the MP3 pretty close..
Cassette Release!
This album was more recently released  on cassette on the American Label “Sanity Muffin”. on this link... sanitymuffin.bigcartel.com
Image of cassette version of  “Where Dark Forces Meet” from “Sanity Muffin”  
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