CD003 Tracks :-

1).  “Heliotropolis”
2).  “Dreams of Osiris”
3).  “Lake of Horus”
4).  “Passage Through the Hall of Maat”
14min. 27sec.   
15min. 17sec.     MP3 excerpt (128kbit/s)
9min.  11 sec.     MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
16min. 40sec.     MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
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About the Music...
Technical stuff...
This album was originally released on LP record in the mid eighties by a national arts organisation called “Projects UK” in Newcastle. See picture with original cover art work by “Kevin Raddy” below. I have a few records left. At the time I became very interested in ancient Egypt, particularly the connection with astronomy. In those days the night sky was clear and free from light pollution. The stars were bright and dominated the heavens. They naturally played a large part in ancient life. Ancient peoples constructed their monuments to face the sun, moon and certain constellations on important times of their calendar.  The powerful story of Osiris is also closely linked with the heavens so this seemed like an ideal base on which to realise some electronic music. The four tracks represent different aspects of the Osiris story; four sides of a pyramid, if you like. They start in the real world with “Heliotropolis” (a track describing my feelings of ancient Heliopolis) and then exploring various aspects of the developing Osiris story; dream states, catastrophe, rebirth etc. and spiritual journeys to finally joining the company of the gods for all eternity.
Featured extensively on the album is the unique 16 channel  micro-processor voltage-control  sequencer that I had developed a couple of years before. All the rhythmic section sequencing was produced with it, controlling selected parameters of the analogue modular synthesisers. There are many tape effects too; loops, odd edits and strange textures produced often using a Godwin string synthesiser as a source sound sometimes through a ring modulator. Extra tape recorders controlled by a BBC micro-computer were used to run these into the final mix. The main sequenced material was recorded on a 1/2” 4 track analogue tape machine. Heliotropolis, on the other hand, was a track that I played live in my concerts. It was therefore recorded straight to a two track maser tape as a live performance in one go with no editing.
The CD production master is a direct copy from the master tape, using a stand alone CD recorder and a very high quality analogue to digital convertor system. This is the nearest I could get to retaining that vintage analogue sound on CD. FLAC and MP3 download are also direct copies.
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