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About the Music...
Extensive mountainous areas have a rugged timeless majestic quality that I love. In the clear night air the night sky can  look stunningly beautiful. This was the image I held in my head at the onset of making this album. The Highlands of Scotland here in the UK has some beautiful wild mountainous country, memories of which contribute to the inspiration behind music.  
The music starts with an imaginary ascent up to some high point where the vista unfolds. Images of past lifestyles, life and death and the Scotts going to war pervade the musical feel. Then above all that there is the night sky. A  vast expanse of space filled with stars, massive  nebulas and black holes. These are places  where even time itself is massively twisted and can even stand still. Astronomy, technology and age old landscapes are the very varied impressions I’ve tried to express in the music. This time, because there is less abstract content, experimentation, tape processing and more conventionally structured music, I decided to do short accessible tracks. Each of the nine tracks is quite different in character.
Technical stuff...
Heavens and Highlands.
CD006 Tracks :-

1).  “The Path”
2).  “Pegasus”
3).  “Skybird”
4). “Highlander”
5).  “Timewarp”
6).  “Nebula Walse”
7).  “Is There Anybody Out There?”
8).  “The Night Sky”
9).  “Starburst”
10min. 44sec.
5min. 43sec.
5min. 09sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
8min. 13sec.  
7min. 22sec.
6min. 55sec.
5min. 20sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
10min. 00sec.  MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
10min. 34sec.
There is quite an unusual mixture of synthesis used on this album. This is partly because I got involved with soundtrack work for a film and video company and started to use a couple of commercially available synthesisers one of which (Ensonique ESQ1) had a built in sequencer or composition tool. These were easier and quicker to work with than my usual modular  rig and time is money! However there is still much of my own instrumentation, microprocessor work and  analogue acoustic modelling to be found in these tracks. In the track “Highlander” for example. Human voice fragments are used only to excite and sound through physical models of a military drum, bass guitar and other ‘plucked’ strings etc., with strange results. “Pegasus” is  based around a percussive acoustically modelled imaginary instrument, a kind of half way stage between a purely electronic  synth. sound and a ‘real’ instrument.
The recording process and master CD production was as pretty much as for the previous few albums.
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