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About the Music...
This CD for me is very different both in style and instrumentation to my usual electronic output. It’s easy to get stale unless you have a change every now and then, a bit like a holiday. So I’ve had some fun with  impressions of city nightlife recalled mainly from my days playing guitar in various bands and venues before I turned to electronic music. The music is light, very conventionally structured  and often based over improvised electronic grooves, some bluesy some slightly jazzy; a mixture of contrasting moods. Some are more intimate some smoochy even. It’s not a difficult listen and using samplers midi linked to an Atari computer is a different way of doing synthesiser music than my normal methods. It has a good feel and motors along quite nicely.
It really came about due to a chronic lack of funds! Then.... partly due to the “Osiris” LP effect, I got lucky and was invited to do some commercial video soundtrack work for “David Bellamy Associates Ltd”  an environmental consultancy run by the well-known TV personality. This lasted several years until the company was sold off. The briefs for this work were mainly for various wide-ranging mainstream styles of music but crafted to closely match the content and length of the film video sequences. It was pretty varied interesting work; anything from classical to pop to sound effects, you name it. Much of it was more like creating music I’d played in my guitarist years. In the process, as a side effect, I collected many unused seed ideas as I went along. Deadlines were often far too tight to sit around waiting for divine inspiration so I felt less-stressed noting  good ideas quickly as I thought of them as insurance to fall back on or at least point me in the right direction. “Nightscape’s” tracks inevitably started from this library of ideas. Later I selected some suitable ones which had a kind of city feel about them and I developed them into these finished tracks along with one or two new ideas..
Technical stuff...
CD007 Tracks :-

1).  “After Five”         
2).  “Rock On”                            
3).  “City Lights”                        
4).  “Close Encounter”               
5).  “Dirty Dancing”                    
6).  “Nightride to Chocolate City”    
7).  “Touchy Feely”
8).  “Satin Sheets”                          
9).  “Motorway Madness”
10).  “9 to 5”                                
11).  “Cool Night Breeze”   
4min. 11sec.         
5min. 43sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
7min. 24sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)        
3min. 58sec.                           
6min. 43sec.                           
7min. 15sec.           
7min. 49sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
5min. 37sec.                         
6min. 08sec.
3min. 40sec.  
There is quite a stark change of synthesis used on this album. This is, for the most part, as a result of my involvement with commercial video soundtrack work, mentioned above. It took me well away from what I had being doing over the previous few  years. Also having to work quickly and efficiently in that environment (sometimes alarmingly so!), I had to change my working methods. For much of this work I therefore  used commercially available synthesisers, samplers  and an “Atari” computer (a brilliant machine for its time) running Clab’s “Notator” (now “Apple Logic”) software. When I eventually came back to doing my own music I ncorporated some of the Atari/C-Lab system’s capabilities into it. “Nightscape” and some future albums made use of it to compose many rhythmical sections.
The recording process this time was Atari for midi data on most tracks and my own micro processor for others. The Atari also usefully synced to an 8-track  multi-track tape recorder with SMPTE code so midi and audio could be run together. It was a great combination for the time. The master CD production was the same as for the previous few albums.
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