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About the Music...
As the previous album “Temples” was created as a very deep and atmospheric album, I wanted  to do a mainly electronic synth album. with tracks that are mostly in various dance tempos with plenty of melodic lines and solos. I also wanted to mix synthesiser sounds from vintage to modern software electronic instruments to see what came out. For the rhythmical base on each track, I used mostly mechanical rhythmical synthesiser sequences generated with “banks of  simple step sequencers” in traditional electronic music style plus some drums and percussion. The overall impression is, I hope, mostly feel-good even though blues or minor scales predominate throughout. There are many contrasting sections though and some more weird sounding material like the track “Swamp Fever” with it’s strange voices produced with the very latest software synthesisers. I’ve also used some, hopefully, musically interesting acoustic manipulated sound samples well to add an extra dimension to the mostly central electronic synthesiser sound .
Technical stuff...
Synthesisers in their more pure electronic form are the basis for many of the sounds of Sun Dance. I’ve tried to feature most of  the major developments in synthesis technology from the early classic vintage analogue synth sounds like the Moog, The Prophet, FM and Phase Distortion synthesis to the the latest purely software synths and sound manipulators . For example, “Swamp Fever” uses a strange modern software instrument called “The Traveliser” to produce all the odd voice sounds. “Night of the Reptiles” makes use of  a cool software instrument called “Spektral Delay” to play a recorded sample of a digeridoo transforming this sound into the sections of evolving rhythmical swamp frog sounds. Background sequences are often a mix of FM and subtractive synthesis. Some acoustic types of sounds come from my physical modelling technologies.The album gradually grew into a big melting pot of synth techniques. With most of my albums I like to try use and create new sounds and combinations for each track.  This way each track is always a fresh challenge and nothing gets too predicatable. It takes a lot of time creating sounds but I think it’s worth it and it also stops me sounding like others.  Recording and editing was entirely done on computer.
Sun Dance
CD010 Tracks :-

1).   “Dance of a New Dawn”
2).   “Ride the Wind”
3).   “Swamp Fever”
4).   “Sun Dance”
5).   “Night of the Reptiles”
6).  “Airflow”
7).  “Stampede”
8).  “Pagan Dance”
8min. 15sec.
5min. 57sec.
9min. 3sec.    
8min. 37sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
13min. 9sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
7min. 54sec.
6min. 38sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
5min. 5sec.
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