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About the Music...
I wanted to create an album  that was just dripping with atmosphere , a sensuous experience  expressing my feelings about some of the awe inspiring almost timeless sacred spaces and buildings I’ve visited over the years  It’s more than just structures or the physical places. It’s the history the feeling of the places just being there. Generation after generation of people, their aspirations, their struggles their intellect, hard work and the conflicts that you feel are somehow embedded and recorded in the stone for all time.  
I’m not a religious person but the  music is about many such aspects of it: procession, chant, ritual, from the ancient to the future and the timelessness of it all. I’m fascinated by the strong reactions that my senses always present to me when I visit such places. Electronic music seems to me to be a very good medium for expressing these feelings and emotions.  Throughout the course of this album I’ve used it to paint largely impressionistic sound pictures and music that conveys what I deeply feel and sense. There are many melodies, rhythmic ideas, strange sound textures and percussion. It’s a very personal album and is very close to me. It’s one of my longest and  runs to over 70 minutes.
Technical stuff...
This  was my first album to be recorded and edited entirely on computer. By the time I did this album computer recording had virtually taken over from analogue tape machines (circa 2005). The reason was that computer based recording had become very good both in facility and sound quality. Yes it’s also much cheaper too, especially when you can make use of an updated but ageing PC to do it! The electronic music that I produce has always been heavy on experimentation. These were very time consuming, costly and often risky processes in the tape world. Computer recording and processing has made the whole exercise very cheap, efficient and safer compared to the days of tape, which means I can experiment and edit and still get a good night’s sleep. However I’ve found no matter what is used there are still no short cuts to doing it well. It’s just a different medium. Some things work better on computer some don’t. Temples still has many analogue tape sounds on it but the final assembly and editing is all done on computer.  The sound sources are almost entirely from synthesisers but many are developed and treated extensively to take them far away from sounding like the public’s idea  of what synthesisers sound like. A considerable amount of time was spent doing this. The are also quite a few analogue models and processing in there from my old modular synthesiser. The software I used for recording is Cakewalk’s “Sonar 5” which I found to be very professional, with comprehensive facilities but is still nicely intuitive, stable and just it just suits the way my brain works. The digital interface is “M Audio Delta 1010”; a simple direct box containing 8 channels of top quality conversion chips that communicates directly with the PC’s internal bus and matches up with any studio mixing desk well.
CD009 Tracks :-

1).   “Forgotten Temples”
2).   “Gateway to the East”
3).   “Temple of the Night”
4).   “Pilgrim’s Track”
5).   “Temple of Restless Souls”
6).  “River passage”
7).  “White Water”
8).  “Temple of Lost Spirits”
9).  “Deep into the Mountain”
10). “Before the Altar of Light”
11). “Gate to Eternity”
10min. 33sec.  
5min. 36sec.
8min. 18sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
5min. 11sec.
7 min. 21sec.
6min. 50sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
5min. 50sec.
5min. 42sec.
6min. 13sec.  
5min. 31sec.
6min. 55sec.    MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
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