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About the Music...
This CD’s loose theme is the history of the Earth; well, obviously not all of it, a little has been left out. It’s a collection, in my usual style, of very different tracks with the music is generally spacious and moody some featuring  moving evolving synthesiser texture backdrops. Most of the tracks have electronic rhythmical sections over which solos and melodies flow. Tracks 1&2 are slow and atmospheric, conjuring up moods of Earth’s early period leading up to the creation of life on the planet. By tracks 3&4, an  unusual electronic ’bones riff’ announces that modern man has arrived. Then, compressing 3,000,000 years into a few minutes by the next track he attempts to get off the planet. Tracks 5&6 are light; a kind of floating in air or space music. Track 7 looks to the future, out to what other habitable worlds may be out there as predicted by the controversial  Drake equation.  Finally for contrast, track 8 is an purely and slightly chilling electronic experimental sound-scape about the vastness, the coldness and darkness of space in which the earth is a mere speck of space dust!
Technical stuff...
Both digital and analogue synthesisers have been used for this CD.  They include a Ensonique ESQ1, Godwin String machine, Roland JV1080, Casio VZ1 and Alesis D4 , which I possessed at the time, plus my analogue modular system. I’ve tried to mix old and new technologies together in interesting ways, producing some new unusual sounds. Sequencing, rhythmical  and overall structure is composed mainly on an Atari Mega computer driving these synthesisers via midi. The Atari is sometimes slaved off a SMPTE track on a 1”  8 track tape recorder to record  non-midi instruments. The recording is again entirely by analogue tape equipment. As well as the 8 track I used some 2 track ma chines to fly in  material at specific points. These well controlled by a BBC microcomputer running my own machine code. Mixing was to 2 track 1/4/” master tape and t he CD production master a simple direct copy off the master tape. Using a high quality A/D converter.
The Mists of Time.
CD008 Tracks :-

1.   “When the Earth was Young”         
2..  “Out of the Darkness They Came”
3..  “Ape Man”
4..  “And They Took to the Skies”
5..  “Earthshine”
6..  “Andromeda”  
7..  “Strange new World”
8..  “Age of Darkness”
6min. 25sec.     MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)     
10min. 30sec.
6min. 50sec.
4min. 03sec.     
10min. 44sec.   MP3 excerpt (128Kbi/s)
3min. 41sec.   
13min. 00sec.   
7min. 36sec.     MP3 excerpt (128Kbit/s)
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